Nivedita’s Compositions, Productions, Projects and Collaborative Works

Rain Dance

“Rain Dance” is a compostion of Nivedita, that symbolizes our relationship with rain and portrays the joy that the rain showers bring to the world.
Just like rain inspiring the happy and colorful dance of a peacock, a jig in the rainy showers brings out the child in each one of us.

“Rain Dance” is a musical composition based on the Indian Raga – Amirtha Varshini (the sweet showers) and has been played on the multi-stringed instrument Veena with Indian musical instruments Mridangam and Morsing (Jews harp) along with digital music.

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Day Break

“Day Break” signifies the coming-to-life of all living beings of the world at the start of the day when the sun rises in the eastern horizon.
This composition is based on the Indian Raga – Bhoopalam (the morning tunes) and has been played on the multi-stringed instrument Veena with Indian musical instruments Mridangam and Morsing (Jews harp) along with digital music.

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Namo Narayana

“Namo Narayana” is a tribute to the great composer Sri Annamacharya. “Namo Narayana” is a collection of Annamacharya Kirthanas presented in vocal to the accompaniment of digitally-produced, reverberating music tracks and special sound effects!.

The production is unique and creative with vocal chorus a new concept in Carnatic music.

“Namo Narayana” has been created to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the great carnatic music composer Shri Tallapakkam Annamacharya. Shri Annamcharya was one of the earliest composers of carnatic music with 32,000 songs to his credit. The poetic value of the lyrics, the spiritual and social message in his compositions are unparalleled. The “Sankirtanas” filled with devotion is a jewel in carnatic music and enthralls listeners to this day.

“Namo Narayana” is lead by Nivedita ShivRaj and supported by singers of RagaChitra Classical Choir.

Ranjani Mala

This novel music production consists of traditional carnatic compositions on various Ranjani suffixed ragas. The production consists of a live chorus and a lead singer supported by digital music. Some of the compositions are rare and brings to light the beauty of each of the ragas.

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Path to Peace

Nivedita has worked on the production ‘Path to Peace” of dancer-choreographer Sridhar Shanmugham. Music for the production was composed by western classical saxapohonist Andrew Sterman. Nivedita has played the veena in this master piece that combines the traditional bharathanatyam and modern dance movements reflecting the message of peace advocated by Gandhiji.

Veena Melodies

A unique production that combines the graceful melody of the veena and the powerful rhythms of western contemporary percusion. Classical carnatic compositions are rendered on the veena to the lively accompaniment of western rhythms that are blended aesthetically to compliment each other. Veena Melodies is a unique attempt at blending the traditional carnatics to the modern aspects of music and also introducing the chorus music with an instrument, a format often seen in western music concerts.

Veena Melodies aims to popularize the ancient instrument veena and to bring classical music to more people in a format that is more appealing to them.

Veena Isai Thendral

Compostions of great Tamil composers are renderd on the veena combined with a voice chorus. The compositions are interspersed with lively swarams and beautiful akaras sung by a group of vocalists.

Derek Collins World Instrumental Choir


This group seeks to bring together world musicians, musicians from different forms of music, different cultures and traditional gospel music in efforts to create new compositions that awaken us to the beauty of what exists in our richly diverse world community. The group offers a song titled, “I’m A Soldier“ (in Gods Army) which asks us all to spread the good news of love everywhere we can. It transcends all boundaries that exists and speaks a common language – MUSIC.

Nivedita ShivRaj plays the veena in the choir and brings to life the rich traditions of carnatic music while colloborating with other music cultures in the team. She plays the introduction to the song “I’m A Soldier“ on veena.